An acronym that stands for "Shit My Pants", used to convey an overwhelming feeling of hilarity in a textual exchange.
Jim sent a picture of his garbled package tea bagging Melissa. I responded with "SMP!!!", because lol just wouldn't do.
by creatorcreator September 19, 2009
To save one's poop
Sam you better get your facts strait about the murder, or I'll smp.
by mocha_loca May 05, 2011
Shit My Pants. In rebellion to the absolute overindulgence of LOL in texts, twitter, email, facebook etc, SMP is to be used in its place... If people were laughing out loud as often as they use the term there would be no war, the world may in fact end because no one would be doing anything but laughing out loud. Therefore SMP is to replace LOL. And only to be used if you are in fact shitting your pants.
Over Text Message-
Kristie: OMG I'm at the beach and i farted so loud the ground vibrated and fellow beach goers left bc they thought a storm was coming

Kathyrn: holy shit SMP

Kristie: Literally SMP
by Mollie Connelly August 02, 2009
Text language for "shit my pants", to express that something is funny.
TXT1: I just got fired from Costco!
TXT1: Fuck you
by little T-mart July 31, 2009
Abbreviation for "shit my pants" or "shat my pants." Can be used in a variety of situations, most notably whenever something's funny, shocking or horrifying. Also appropriate when referring to an attractive member of the opposite sex. Whenever it's unclear whether a situation is, in fact, funny, shocking or horrifying, it's best to use a qualifier, e.g. "that was S.M.P. hilarious," or, "that was S.M.P. tasteless."
"The lunch lady at the cafeteria is S.M.P. hot!"

girl#1: "What's that smell?"
girl#2: "I S.M.P.'d"

"When Malcolm busted ass on his skateboard, it was so funny I just about S.M.P.'d"

"My mom just about made me S.M.P. when she found me alone with the pet goat."
by midgetgoggles March 02, 2008
Smoke More POT.
"Chill out dude. You should SMP."
by Diego August 25, 2003
Acronym for "Symmetrical Multi-Processing" A computer with more than one processing unit.
I am not SMP capable before at least two cups of coffee.
by Anonymous February 04, 2003

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