"Shit My Pants" When you have reached the point of extreme laughter and you literally shit your pants!
Ruchi: "Did you see that redneck windchime?!"
Kevin: "Yeah I absolutely SMP, ahhh that was to effin funny!"
by OptimusKevin October 04, 2011
Shit My Pants
SMP Lololol am hxcore
by Shafty-Sex June 15, 2012
Means "Suck My Pussy" Almost like SMD but for girls
I don't like you
by trvpqueentf March 05, 2015
Acronym for Shaking My Penis. Similar to SMH (Shaking My Head) or SMFH (Shaking My Fucking Head), although it makes for one awkward internet conversation.
Rodney: Hey man, check this girl's profile pic out. She's definitely a fake. No one is that beautiful.

Joaquin: Yeah, SMP.
by The Real Hot Coffee July 26, 2011
Standard Missionary Position

...that pretty much sums it up.
She said she preferred SMP...bitch, I like my girls on top.
by lawlercopter111 April 05, 2011
sex, money, and power
by punkoramaglory October 29, 2003
Shit my Pants
"Wait hang on guys I just SMP, BRB."
by wushukid February 17, 2014
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