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A girl who is gorgeous, and a total sweetheart. She's got everything a guy could ask for.
My girlfriend's alright, but she's not Kristie.
by snoboardalways April 24, 2006
loveable person, cute smile, but will rape you for candy.
Kristie distracted me with her beautiful smile and raped me because I have a lollipop in my hand.
by lieah November 10, 2007
The most beautiful, amazing, life touching girl-woman you will ever meet on this planet. Or any other planet, or universe, or galaxy. Ever.
Person 1: See that girl?
Person 2: Yeah, man.
Person 1: She's a Kristie.
Person 2: Uh-huh, I'd fuck her.
Person 1: ... *waits* Me too.
by Asian Kid DS July 17, 2009
a calm girl who loves reading and writing and never asks for help.
Kristie went to the library all by herself to read alone.
by squidward1111 August 27, 2008
A brute/pig who will do anything for your food. ANYTHING.
Asian guy: That brute over there pushed me over and stole all my fried rice.

Fat white guy: I know, what a Kristie.
by wahwahwahwah January 29, 2009