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Overly common slang that people sling around excessively.
I'm really tired of hearing the same slang words being slung around all the time!
by Jeff D March 11, 2006
A common taunt used it the game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare when a person is killed by a sling.
Player A: Slung.
Player B: I was on 1hp anyways.
Player A: Slung.
Player B: Fuck you.
Player A: Slung.
Player B: Shut the fuck up noob.
Player A: Slung.
Player B has abandoned the battle.
Player A: Slung. Bitches.
by Ny333 August 19, 2013
To be intoxicated by way of alcohol

inebriated; drunk
"Last night the guys and I went to the bar and got slung"

"Wanna get slung?"

"I killed the fifth and I'm slung"
by Devin McAfee August 27, 2007
my dick bitch I'm arowsed
hey! dumb bitch you made my slung hard

Yeah! dat bitch had my slug hard so I had to fuck her.
by Stevo G February 04, 2008
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