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slag + clunge = slunge
"SLUNGE" a type of girl, Incredibly stuck up, normally looks like they have been tango'd and most likely has chlamydia or worse! found in large groups mainly in surrey or london, lapping up male attention and free drinks, and trying to pull footballers.
by carlos fandango the 3rd June 15, 2010
Cross between a Slut and Junge
"Damn that girl fucked three boys on one night?"
"Yeah shes such a slunge"
by S..x May 26, 2006
often used to describe girls in general.

more particularly used to depict a slutty clunge or a manky septic snatch.
"oh my, david...we out on the slunge tonight?"

"yes I think we are peter, last nights slunge was well below par"
by bricklovesslungeforever December 03, 2009
Music genre prevelenent in the east coast of Australia. From Slide Guitar and Grunge.
Charecterised by Resophonic slide guitar played thru heavily distorted amplerfier with a hard rock style applied to blues music.
Great slunge, want another rum?
by Pimp my Tricone August 27, 2010

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