Scrub Ass Random Syndrome. I.E. Someone who is bad at videogames, mostly referred to in the gears of war series online multiplayer. People who you have never met, and they think they are good but they suck.
Jimmy: Oh my god. These guys are bad.
John: Yeah, they have a bad case of SARS.
by panthanator January 07, 2009
Special Administrative Region, for example Hong Kong SAR. Also known as a food who the chief executive (LCY, Leung Chun Ying) chooses.
What does LCY choose?
Of course he chooses SAR, as he claims he loves HKSAR.
by matthewwongym July 11, 2012
Stads for Search and Rescue

An emergency service involving the detection and rescue of those who have met with an accident or mishap in dangerous or isolated locations.
The fire deportment does an SAR after every major fire.
by Fireman Mandy March 04, 2010
SARS, is a short slang word used in south Florida mostly by teenagers to demonstrate that someone is showing off or being cocky
Guy: Today I aced my test
Friend: SARS!!!
Guy: I swear man I did actually study!!
by popask April 15, 2009
Super Ass Raping Sex
Ramirez: Ey, what up, ene?

Nate: SARS

Ramirez: What?

Nate: Yeah, I've got your mom, your little sister, your gmom, and your uncle in on this. Come on over man. I'll ya sloppy seconds.
by PHX KiD X4 October 21, 2009
A shortening of the word "sorry" used commonly in the expletive.
"Sars! I totally forgot to pick you up!"
by savlav October 16, 2008
The ultimate positive extreme, creates a sence of excitement, can be used as an exclamation or an adjective.
Getting head from that hot blonde in my calc class while puffin on some dank nuggets was definately SAR!
by Burnt Pace April 21, 2003

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