An overused word that does not make sense. Sorry not sorry does not make sense and this should not be saying. But I love it. YOTO
Yo Matt do you wanna party?

Nah Bri. SARS
by Men is my Life. So is abb. June 02, 2013
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Screws up your lungs and kills old people. Most victims don't die. Started in China, not Japan, and most Americans form their own racist opinion about it and post it up in the urban dictionary.
Person 1: I've got SARS.
Person 2: Shame. Wanna go to the ballgame?
by Ian May 26, 2003
the shortened word meaning 'sorry', not to be confused with the deadly disease in Asia.
Jenn- Molly do you have any good food at your house??
Molly- No, sars my mom hasn't gone to Trader Joes in a while.
Jenn- Oh, it's fine. We can stop at Idylwilde or something.
by handstandgirl5jk October 17, 2009
A slight ecidemic that was completely blown out of the proportion by the media and now the fear of traveling threatens to cripple the city of Toronto, even though it was never a big deal.
"Forget SARS, let's party in the T dot, there was never anything to worry about anyway."
by blank May 09, 2003
short for sorry
ur mom-DUDE gnarly barrels we can shred today
me-can't today brah sar
by yyoouurr mmoomm September 20, 2010
Not a virus! thats S-ARS
sars.... a legendary chap , who dwells in the wee hide out of the hinckley borough , he makes his claim 2 fame simply by being a 1 of a kind chap , geniuine , honest and true

if u ever find such a legendary being , then hold it close in your own warmth , and relise wat u have may never be captured again , so look after and maintain as best as u can!
by Me adam February 03, 2010
(sɑːs) n., 1. severely arching rectal squirt. 2. to violently project excrement with a sharp angle of approach to produce an arching effect.
Tubgirl is a SARS artist.
by The Real Boyardee November 03, 2009

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