When your ass is licked while being jerked off. The act closely represents the playing of the Trombone. The ass itself represents the "rusty" mouth piece and the dick representing the slide.
She got mad Jazz improvisational on my ass and started playing some sweet notes on my rusty trombone.
by MADDOG101 June 21, 2009
Sucking cock and whos ever cock is being sucked blows ass. The motion is called the trombone the ass is called rusty.
John Henry was giving Richy the once over and Richy blew ass.
by lover of women February 05, 2004
felatio after vaginal sex during menstration.
Yo got my red wings last night and made her play the Rusty Trombone YEAH THE Rusty Trombone
by Big Swol September 25, 2005
When a girl blows on your ass as she cradles your dick
My wife Joanne gave me a Rusty Trombone last night, I was pleased
by Captain Thunder Pants December 25, 2009
adj: description of male genitalia that is not used on a daily basis, or the inability to obtain erection when aroused.
In years, Rob had only had one intimate encounter. Though she was no toothless-wonder, rob had a rusty trombone.
by hahahaha June 18, 2003
Timmy's dirty plump cock after gay anal
yo did you see that kid's trombone? man was it RUSTY.
by Dave Gutkin (Mojo) June 06, 2003
When a women licks shit out of your ass and jers you off from the other side
While Lana was giving me a rustytrombone I jizzed in her hand and shit in her mouth
by Urban Dictionary March 09, 2005

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