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6 definitions by Travis Dean

Rusty Trompone: The sexual act where one partner gives a rim job while also giving their lucky partner the ol' reach around.
"She was licking my asshole and jerking me off at the same time"

"Bro, that's called a Rusty Trombone."

"Oh, I get it."
by Travis Dean November 07, 2007
238 94
A squirff is when a fart creates an air pocket between a male's scrotum and groin area. They tickle a little bit.
"Man, that squirff tickled my scrotum. Shoo wee, it smells like vinegar."
by Travis Dean November 09, 2007
11 0
Gas huffing is the act of inhaling gasoline. The desired effect is a hallucinogenic high. It is very popular among younger teenagers that don't have access to Marijuana, alcohol or can't afford these more conventional drugs.
"You dudes want to go to my dad's garage from a gas huffing session?"
by Travis Dean November 07, 2007
13 7
A squirff occurs when a male passes gas and the fart gets stuck between his scrotum and groin area. The pocket of air eventually finds it's way into the open air and transforms from a fart into a squirf. They smell similar to a fart but with a hint of vinager.
"Man, that squirff tickled when it squeezed between my scrotum. Pass me another beer would ya?"
by Travis Dean November 07, 2007
4 1
One who races.
examples: Running, race cars, dirt bike, etc.
That Jeff Gordon is one hell of a racist!
by Travis Dean September 16, 2008
12 14
(adjective) Describing something that is very beautiful, or relieving.
I ate four tacos and then rode the subway for two hours! When I finally got to a bathroom the shit that ripped out of my ass was jesus.
by Travis Dean January 15, 2008
12 30