Godly, godlike
I am Roy, now bow
by hellishot October 17, 2011
Verb or Noun.
The art of creating or bastardizing words in order to meet one's own selfish needs.
1- "We see that bush has care and sou....ciment for the situation."
2- "You totally just royed that up royally."

"Well you see that farfenugans are the solution."
"You just pulled a roy."

"I really love to royify things."
"Did you just roy- 'roy'?"
by The Royax and Yurtle the Naturtle October 27, 2007
Rumor; Word going around.
Literally: Rumor on Yard.
Origin: Prison lingo. As in "The word going around is..." or "Rumor has it..."
The ROY is she's in love with Billy.
The ROY is, buy stock now, that company's being bought.

Literal: (prison reference) ROY is, she's doing special favors to get outta here sooner!

by sj-jj October 01, 2007
v. to skulk around outside, bent awkwardly toward the ground, inspecting unknown objects at odd hours. At night, this would involve use of a flashlight.
"Honey, it's dark.. can you please take a flashlight and Roy the sprinklers. I think one of the heads is broken.
by Soo-Do Nimh June 22, 2009
A 22 year old moron who constantly hits on all the new girls at his work. There are at least 10 men who want to fight a Roy. A Roy has a kid and after he can't get in any of the new girls' pants, will proceed to go back to his kid's mother.
Look at that new guy at work, he's definitely a Roy.
by metalhead777 June 20, 2010
An enzo that i will love forever no matter what :)
Roy is a Zebra :)
love nicole
by Nikkyc June 03, 2009
the affectionate one
roy can make you laugh, when your depressed. Very affectionate. has inner peace :) likes randomess. likes to mix food that isnt very healthy. Very into animals expecially cats. Has alfafa like hair. tends to fights with girls alot for no apparent reason. just for fun(most of the time) buys you a monster when your tired. Will help you change your train of thought when you are truelly sad. A great friend.guys are jeoulous of this dude. have birthmarks on random parts of body. sweetest guy to talk to.Makes a person really happy
by dani9494 July 19, 2011
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