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-Drink Bleach - Essentially telling someone that you want them "fuck off" but in a more vile way of putting it.
-The phrase can also be used in a way that you would rather "Drink Bleach", than do something else that seems unpleasant.
Someone cusses you out. - A simple 2 word response might be "Drink Bleach". You are telling them that you want them to "fuck off" and die at the same time.
by Hermes Herms October 09, 2007
1. go kill yourself
2. committ suicide
3. leave me alone
I hate you, go DRINK BLEACH!!!!!"
by smuee May 23, 2009
Term used to describe anything unpleasant.
I got invited to a baby shower on Sunday, I'd rather DRINK BLEACH!
by T. M. November 18, 2005
Cuervo, a former member of PBreview was known to say this to other members.
(long rant by new member)
cuervo's response:
"Drink Bleach"
by Kevinbo03 November 15, 2004
Verb. To call another gay.
Gay person: This is fabulous!!!!
Me: Drink bleach
by Andrew March 07, 2005
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