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A Character in the game ssbm that is so bad that the disc would probably break had he ever won a match. In the event that two Roys fight one another; the game would commonly freeze and the memory card's save data would corrupt to delete evidence of him ever gaining a win.
Person who isn't playing Roy: uhhh.... you need to pick a character.
Person who just picked Roy: Roy is a pretty cool guy, eh has fire and doesn't afraid of anything.
by Levi5 May 20, 2008
Roy means red or king, two of which are very powerful. Red being the color of fire the burns brightly and king being he's a leader. He takes charge of himself and his loved ones. He's awkward, handsome, tall, has a scar on the right side of his face that runs from his temple down to his cheek from slaying a dragon while trying to save his princess from being kept in a tower by a spell that only true loves kiss can break hahahaha just kidding he got it when he was a child by accident. He is indeed a genuinely sincere person. He is someone who believes too much and loves too strongly. He has a lover that loves him more than he knows. Roy is a Queens King. He doesn't give up easily and never stops trying.
I bet he's a Roy!

Roys are so unique and rare!

If you come across a Roy, make him your baby daddy!

You're lucky if you found a Roy.
by SnoopieGurl October 12, 2013
(Rahw-ee) The epitome of sexual godliness.

Confident and gay in character(often confused with homosexual) while sumptuous & alluring in appearance.

Forgetful and dense due to large penis size, renowned for making female panties saturated.

Origin:1475-85; derived from roygbiv due to many colours of lipstick present on this species penis
Expression: idiotic,forgetful(derogatory) "What a Roy..."

Expression: sexual superiority (praise)
"What a Roy..."
by God: This is my creation. August 26, 2008
A bitch nigga.
Roy is a bitch nigga. Beats people up for no reason.
by Were tired of it July 27, 2013
Used to describe someone who is overly keen - taking cues from the Ex-Manchester United football player Roy Keane
"yeah, I mean I liked him but he was way to roy, he called and emailed me like 10 times a day.Loser"
by Katie May May 18, 2006
A charecter in Super Smash Bros that constantly and forever will beat the other girl of a charecter marth.
Man roy kicked so much fuckin ass last night, that marth guy really needs to step it up
by DogfaceManbearpig November 14, 2007
A Boys name of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning "red."

Also can be short for names like Leroy.

Roy is also known from the Old French term "roi", meaning "king."
His name is Roy.

My names Leroy, but you can call me Roy.
by VR84 November 14, 2006