A name that is quite ironic. Roses, a meaning for beauty is given to people who are quite the opposite of beauty. They resemble more of a Rafflesia arnoldii. They are usually named 'rose' to mask their hideousness.
Person 1- Do you see that girl over there?
Person 2- Yeah, she's sure ugly.
Person 1- Yeah she must be a Rose.
by Rafflesia Arnoldii March 11, 2013
A fat ugly girl who looks like a worm, and punches children.
omg that girl is a rose
by tedmo June 07, 2014
Rose; The code word for dollars that san diego prostitutes like to use. Can also be replaced with "winks" "flowers" "candies" but never "tulips"
Baby, a straight date is 300 roses, a quickie is 100. But is you want to go to the isles that is an extra 50 roses.
by iN dIEGO November 20, 2007
slang term for a woman's inner labia
Her inner labia looked like the petals of a rose.
by anonymous749 November 24, 2006
the most annoying character in the metal gaer series
Rose: oh Raiden i love you
Raiden: shut up bitch, im trying to kill people here!
by oswald the ninja July 19, 2004
R.O.S.E., short for Rush on Seven Episodes, is the newest MMORPG released from Gravity, the same people who made Ragnarok online. The game, in it's current form, is still in beta, and can be downloaded for free at www.roseon.com It bears many striking resemblances to Ragnarok, and already has a large cult following.
I finally got my character up to level 30 in ROSE!
by T0CH January 12, 2005
Rose is a nickname for a girl who is kind of a ho. She may be super fun loving and hott as hell but when she's drinkin (which happens quite often) she turns into a hot mess and hooks up with randoms. It can be used in a derogatory way or in a chill fun way that isn't that offensive.

Origin: The girl on the titanic named rose acts like an idiot and let's Jack die
I can't believe you hooked up with 2 guys in one night, typical rose
by Rosiechica October 04, 2010
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