It's me innit.andnowihavetohaveatleast20 lettersandthreewords butwordscantbemorethan50letters. suckage innit.
um, this kid that rocks. and is big headed yuhhu
by rose April 11, 2005
roses the synonem to vagina
"i would go up that girl's roses" or outkast's song roses..."roses really smell like ohh oh oh" which means her vagina smells
by vince April 17, 2004
Is 100% sexy, beautiful and amazing. So stunning, amazing bod, hears of friends and is a total QUEEN. Sassy af and just beautiful. Kinda a hoe but why wouldn't you be with bod like that?
new kid: who's the popular girl here
student: The pretty, princess over there. Rose
by lovebear123 July 07, 2016
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