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Used in instant messaging to represent 'Of course'
ofc i will!
by ©. Sinky June 16, 2004
Used in Instant Messaging for Of Course (Of Fucking Course if in all caps)
"John121: u going to the movie tomorrow?"
"Alex33: ofc"
by MisterEgo October 09, 2009
Oh, for Christ's sake! (exclamation). Said when someone says or does something that makes your jaw drop, your head shake in surprise, or makes you want to pull your hair out.
OFCS, I can't believe Obama is offering to raise the retirement age to make a deal on Medicare.

OFCS, Lindsay Lohan's in jail AGAIN? They need a revolving door just for her.
by montiac712 July 11, 2011
Oh for Christ's sake - a saying that expresses impatience.
OFCS, hurry up and read that article if you want to discuss it with me, I have to go to sleep.
by TheRubberDoll September 13, 2010
Original Female Character. Used in fanfiction when an original character is inserted into an already existing set of characters/fandom. Often shunned due to fear of Mary Sues, hence it is given as a warning.
Pairing: Legolas/OFC
I'm terrified to use my OFC because some might think of her as a Mary Sue.
by silly_walk January 21, 2005
Of Fucking Course.

Many random internet people use it as of course, but the origin of this acronym is Of Fucking Course.
You: So, does it mean ofc = "of course" is wrong?
Me : OFC
by meeboarsox February 11, 2009
Original Female Character inserted into fanfiction. A female OC.
She wrote a story about Snape falling in love with her OFC, Vivian. Unfortunately, Vivian was a Mary-Sue.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005