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Used in instant messaging to represent 'Of course'
ofc i will!
by ©. Sinky June 16, 2004
Used in Instant Messaging for Of Course (Of Fucking Course if in all caps)
"John121: u going to the movie tomorrow?"
"Alex33: ofc"
by MisterEgo October 09, 2009
an acronym for of course.
Kevin: Are you guys coming to my party at 8?
Joe: Ofc dude!
by pseudonym g December 19, 2014
Used as an abbreviation in messaging of "Of Course"
Can i Come?
ofc u can!
via giphy
by QveenSapphire May 13, 2016
Acronym for Obama Fried Chicken.
Person 1: Do you want to eat at OFC?
Person 2: What is OFC?
Person 1: Obama Fried Chicken

Person 2: Hell YEAH
by MrDylanyay July 04, 2016
Original Female Character. Used in fanfiction when an original character is inserted into an already existing set of characters/fandom. Often shunned due to fear of Mary Sues, hence it is given as a warning.
Pairing: Legolas/OFC
I'm terrified to use my OFC because some might think of her as a Mary Sue.
by silly_walk January 21, 2005
Oh for Christ's sake - a saying that expresses impatience.
OFCS, hurry up and read that article if you want to discuss it with me, I have to go to sleep.
by TheRubberDoll September 13, 2010
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