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1. a red flower
2. a girl`s name, usually a mean one, irresponsible, lazy, fat, dishonest, rips you off of money, degrading.
1. What a pretty rose!
2. Stop doing that! You are acting like a Rose!
by ilykponeez March 14, 2010
1. A pretty flower.
2. The town bike. Everyone's ridden her.
3. An awful, selfish, old witch of a Grandmother.
1. "My useless boyfriend better buy me a bunch of roses"

2. "Rose is that 18 year-old ho with 3 kids, right?"

3. "Who's Rose? I don't have a Grandmother called Rose"
by KeeWee January 11, 2005
One of the most disgusting kinky sex games. A Rose is the result of a woman pushing her colon outward (usually after a session of anal sex) as far as she can. The resulting horror sight of her anus inside out bulging out of her anus is called a "rose". It's nasty, trust me, really!...
"Come on, make a rose, you nasty little butt slut!..."
by RoOophy July 08, 2004
An extremely annoying type of person. Appraoch with extreme caution.
1 - "Omg your so annoying, just like a Rose!

2 - "Look out! She is being just like a Rose! Run away!"
by Bianca & Alice June 10, 2007
It's me innit.andnowihavetohaveatleast20 lettersandthreewords butwordscantbemorethan50letters. suckage innit.
um, this kid that rocks. and is big headed yuhhu
by rose April 11, 2005
roses the synonem to vagina
"i would go up that girl's roses" or outkast's song roses..."roses really smell like ohh oh oh" which means her vagina smells
by vince April 17, 2004
A pretty flower, which has a variety of different colours, most vividly red.
Michael gave his girlfriend Alice a rose, because they were in love.
by SomeoneNew August 28, 2014