a term when a female excites a man until his penis becomes small and a rose-like color
"Damn, I rolled up to the ninth hole and that hook was standin' there waitin' to give me a rose."
by Joek January 29, 2008
not good in a bed but fine up against a wall
she's pretty but she's a rose.
by louie_lou_lew June 10, 2008
1. a red flower
2. a girl`s name, usually a mean one, irresponsible, lazy, fat, dishonest, rips you off of money, degrading.
1. What a pretty rose!
2. Stop doing that! You are acting like a Rose!
by ilykponeez March 14, 2010
A rapist
"Be careful, Tori, I think there's a Rapist Rose over there!"
by shoylashoylashoyla February 13, 2009
1. A pretty flower.
2. The town bike. Everyone's ridden her.
3. An awful, selfish, old witch of a Grandmother.
1. "My useless boyfriend better buy me a bunch of roses"

2. "Rose is that 18 year-old ho with 3 kids, right?"

3. "Who's Rose? I don't have a Grandmother called Rose"
by KeeWee January 11, 2005
One of the most disgusting kinky sex games. A Rose is the result of a woman pushing her colon outward (usually after a session of anal sex) as far as she can. The resulting horror sight of her anus inside out bulging out of her anus is called a "rose". It's nasty, trust me, really!...
"Come on, make a rose, you nasty little butt slut!..."
by RoOophy July 08, 2004
An extremely annoying type of person. Appraoch with extreme caution.
1 - "Omg your so annoying, just like a Rose!

2 - "Look out! She is being just like a Rose! Run away!"
by Bianca & Alice June 10, 2007
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