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A poseur who thinks he's a playa. Someone who is clueless about how unskilled he is at picking up girls.
So Michelle was at the bar and this roosh comes up to her and says "hey baby, what's your sign?"
by Joe Mama Smith May 05, 2007
a very christian person (normally a honkey) who has a mind closed around their religion.

normally recognisable by their milk and church smell
e.g 1
person 1: Jesus is AWESOME!! Convert man, then you won't go to hell
person 2: Dude you are such a Roosh
person1: Is that a good thing?

e.g 2
person1: Have you noticed that she always smells of milk and wood?
person 2: yeah, must be a roosh
by Questie May 20, 2008
1. (n) One cool chica who sleeps in AP Euro but we still love her!
2. (v) To be like Roosh in all aspects of life.
"Look at that girl dancing over there! Yeah... that's Roosh!"
by looking4inspiration March 19, 2005
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