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a female who sleeps around with every male she finds, even if she just met them.....similar to cranker(DC word)
so and so is a rolla, she just slept with ben and she jus met him...
by LiL L August 13, 2004
1.College town. Site of the Univeristy of Missouri - Rolla. Population around 16,000 with about 6,000 students at the University.

2. the most boring place alive. the only thing to do is drink or do homework
"I live in Rolla during the school year."

"Dude, Rolla sucks ass"
by Campus_Man March 21, 2005
#1. A college where school come second to St. Pats.

#2. Where the drinking starts freshman o week and doesn't stop till your graduated. (including all week days)

#3. Where the girls are non existent just like the 4 LOCOS the day after a new shipment.

#4. The town full of super smart dudes that have nothing better to do than think of ways to get messed up.
"Im 8 LOCO right now"---- the Rolla pre-game statement

"4 LOCO in my left, NATTY in my right"-- Rolla's best combo

"Its Wednesday night, time to start drinking"-- Rolla suite 215

"St. Pats is next week, so class is canceled until further notice"--- Rolla's cool teachers

RPS- Rolla princess syndrome... do i need to say anymore
by ROGX November 23, 2010
A rolla is a ho who has sex wit many different guys at one time.
The trick right there is a rolla. She fucked both of them last week.
by ****sweetcherries**** April 28, 2005
a girl that fuck everybody from your hood to the next.
Man rolla Charniece J.,i fuck the shit out of her
by Young A.I. February 08, 2008
a hoe who sleeps around wit every man she seedc word]
she rollin I'm rollin when she hit it from the back we need a trojan
man jennifer a rolla she done did every guy at that school I feel sorry for her parnets
by bigbooty December 24, 2007
someone who has sex a lot
She is rolla. She has another guy everyweekend.
by coco December 02, 2003
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