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Don't forget about me/Call me sometime
"See ya later"

"Ok, but don't be a stranger"
by CoCo September 20, 2003
the best place to go for FREE COLLEGE! and you can fight for your contry. and their football team is awesome!
Guy:Im gonna go to the navy because army the army football team sucks.
by CoCo April 09, 2005
an expression used when something could be described as "badass" or "awsome"
That game is the shizznit.
by Coco November 10, 2002
What Geoff Grogan is all about.
Coco looked up from the VIP area to the dancefloor and noticed that his friend Geoff was treating himself.
by Coco April 12, 2005
the epitome of cool
use it insead of mctodd words - like gnarly or rad
those vans are utterly hepburn
by coco July 12, 2004
badass cadillac mook car.
hey did u see his catera?
by Coco September 24, 2004
I am so coco
by coco May 29, 2003
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