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#1. A college where school come second to St. Pats.

#2. Where the drinking starts freshman o week and doesn't stop till your graduated. (including all week days)

#3. Where the girls are non existent just like the 4 LOCOS the day after a new shipment.

#4. The town full of super smart dudes that have nothing better to do than think of ways to get messed up.
"Im 8 LOCO right now"---- the Rolla pre-game statement

"4 LOCO in my left, NATTY in my right"-- Rolla's best combo

"Its Wednesday night, time to start drinking"-- Rolla suite 215

"St. Pats is next week, so class is canceled until further notice"--- Rolla's cool teachers

RPS- Rolla princess syndrome... do i need to say anymore
by ROGX November 23, 2010

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