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A BIG hoe; slut; female who gets males just but fuckin' them. (DC,MD,VA word)
All my mans and them and even my lil bro had that cranker!
by Lil KK October 08, 2003
A smokable form of marijuana; bud; hash; nugs; mary jane
Want to smoke some crankers?
by 3rd Chinnock April 10, 2008
n; a scientifically proven disease where one likes to excessively stroke his member while watching pornographic material
Dr. Cuntingham: "look at that cranker, beating his dick like it owes him $5!"
Cuntingham, RN: "he must be a member of club crank
Meth Addict word (like Stoner is for Marijuana)
Any Person that does Meth is a Cranker
by CoasterDrugs January 25, 2012
A big marijuana joint.
"Me and the boys just smoked a cranker."
by Doggedbast22 December 17, 2014
A person who engages in the act of crying and masturbating (wanking) simultaneously in one session.
John: "wow, sorry man..."
John: "so you're a cranker??"
by Original Cranker March 29, 2011
A chronic wanker. Observable features: hand calluses and muscular development in dominant arm only; highly likely to file an illegitimate compensation claim for repetitive strain injury; drinks lots of fluid.
Supervisor Jill: “Off to the toilet again Dave? Upset stomach?”.
Dave: “Yeh. Something I ate last night” *checks his iWank to make sure the battery is full and heads for the bathroom*.
Jane (to Jill): "What a cranker".
by prik kee noo April 23, 2011
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