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Another term for a hoe or a slut. Someone who has been around. They will be with anyone but you.
Damn that girl is just a rolla she's not even worth it.
by nana21 July 11, 2010
I hate Rollaz!
Man I hit this rolla las night.
by Nara July 27, 2003
A premiscous female who has had sex with a lot of people.
It will be easy to smash her she is a rolla.
by SexxxyLadii July 13, 2006
abv.for a Toyota Corolla
My Rolla is very fast
by Killercocopuff October 28, 2004
5-0, cop creeping by in his cruiser
"Check the rolla at 3 o'clock."
by suzie November 14, 2003
A Nickname for a Toyota Corolla
Are we gonna be Rollin in the Rolla today?
by peachi knob August 09, 2005
a person willing to put they life on the line- climb concrete walls, defy blueyed authority, dive to escape a mowur. you wish you wuz a rolla
Mary Jessie and Rachel is some baaad rollas.

You watch out, or them rollaz will roll all over you!

Hey man, is you a rolla? Then don't try it, cuz they's the only ones grand enouph to do it aight.
by HeejNerd June 21, 2004