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Us Army slang meaning Rest and Rereation, Rest and Recuperation or Rest and Relaxation. The term was certainly used during the Korean and Vietnam Wars but most likely dates from World War Two.
Get your gear packed! e got a pass for 48 hours R 'n R in Saigon!
Number One!
by Croatalin December 06, 2013
The term used to name the action of "Reading and Not Replying" over Blackberry Messenger. It is considered to be the rudest infraction of all Blackberry Messenger etiquette.

When a message is sent and delivered from one device to the next, a "D" is present beside such message. When opened, the "D" turns to an "R". Both the sender and recipient are aware of the situation, and in some prestenses, it creates an awkward moment.
Yo I just sent Natalie a text over Blackberry Messenger. I hope she doesn't give me the RnR
by Ohtaa June 06, 2010
Read, no reply. When checking email or myspace messages & you see that they read, but didn't reply to your message.
People that RNR drive me crazy!
by K&J February 28, 2008
Verb, noun.

A commonly used BBM acronym which stands for Read but Not Responded. A cool and useful way for making the guilty contact feel awkward and ashamed by pointing out their failure to respond with just three letters.
Andrew: Hey
Andrew: ...
Andrew: RNR
by Sam Johnson II September 28, 2010
Simply short for "Read No Reply".
It is used when you send a message to a person or a group chat and it says "read", but they(or no one) replies.
Peterson: |Hi|R✔️
Peterson: |Ok there's some RNR shit going on here|R✔️
by Mixamax June 02, 2015
Ryuusei no Rockman, a DS game created by CAPCOM. AKA Mega Man Star Force
RnR is out of date, RnR2 was released.
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 21, 2008
Rival Nations Reborn; One of the best custom maps ever created on Warcraft 3.
I'm going to play some RnR.
by AwaKening May 30, 2007
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