Short for Random Nocturnal Roamings. A staple of college students worldwide.
"We ended up at Denny's at 3am. It was a perfect RNR."
by Nthanda May 27, 2010
Rant and Rave
Craig's List
Seems as though there are a few rules that not everybody here is abiding by when posting a Rant n Rave.
by craig March 18, 2005
Short for "Race and Respect."
"Oh snaps, I should be a comedian. I'll just do that as a side gig though.
You know, to keep my RNR up."
by J. Wu November 28, 2005
Shortened version of RockNRoll1FPDTV because his name is to long to type out. Again, Extremely gay, loves penis in the ass.
"RnR is so fucking gay, some people like him should just die"
by J2k3 March 24, 2003
Short for "Red Neck Ryder"
by Cara August 16, 2003

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