Also known as a rip or runner, is a female whom is sexually undisciplined, a slut and of a whorish nature. Although the term was definitely popularized by San Francisco / Oakland Bay area, it truly originates from the term "rippin and runnin". Which older southern black folks use to describe wild or mischievous behavior, and or "runnin" the streets. Traditionally when a female is out "runnin" the streets she seen to be a woman of questionable virtue.
"Hey blood, I found this little ripper on myspace and got her to come over and boss a nigga up!"
by Dr. Kneebone November 03, 2007
Rippers refers to the exotic dancers who work in the gentleman's clubs (strip clubs). The clubs are referred to as the ballet or more specifically the Canadian Ballet.
American usage: "Hey, let's go to the Canadian Ballet to see the rippers."

Canadian usage: "Eh, let's go check out the rippers tonight." - being that they live in Canada, stating the location is unnecessary because they all know where the rippers work.
by T-Bull July 20, 2007
IRC handle of a young fella called Brandon Vedas. He killed himself while online and visible by webcam by taking (according to him) methadone, klonopin, resotril, inderal and alcohol (among other things). One less muppet on the internet. syn idiot
<ripper> I told u I was hardcore
by moodus March 03, 2005

Prison slang for a child molester. see also Skinner
The new inmate is a fuckin ripper, lets give him a blanket party tonight.
by Otsego69 May 11, 2008
yall is all wrong a ripper is--- a nasty female thats been ran by most to all of the ni99az in the hood
Lil kim is str8 ripper
by Chingyz babymama October 14, 2003
HUUUGE DIP (chew) its just a big ol' dipsky (chew)
hey you putting a ripper in dude?
by miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikeb November 08, 2011
A boyfriend that all of your friends hate.
"When you show him to your mates, he's gonna turn into a ripper. No doubt about it."
by *CookieMonster* December 16, 2013

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