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Term used to belittle someone who has just horrificly murdered a joke. Derived from the notorious actions of Jack the Ripper in which he brutally murdered his victims.
Joe."This costs an arm and a leg"
Tom."...And a head..."

Joe.'Shut up Tom, you fucking ripper!'
by Ben Langford September 17, 2007
term of excitment
"aw ripper" (australia accent)
by Louise Robertson (age24) March 20, 2003
Aussie Slang for a racing animal, ho when raced does particularly well
YOU LITTLE RIPPER!!!! I had fucking 5 bucks on that race and that little fucking ripper of a dog has tripled my money. You beaut.
by Gandrew Arrett April 01, 2004
A person who don't give a fuck and will rip your face off and wipe his ass with it. Runs with the Monstrosities reppin the Black Flag for what it truely means.
All of the Rippers are coming for you, ya better ask your bitch she's fucking me to

P-Dawg the Notorious Rippin Monsta
by Perry Norvell February 09, 2007
A person who specializes in making money by "ripping" the marijuana patches of others and then selling the stolen drugs.
I got back to my patch and the rippers had stolen all the plants.
by Sam Tanner November 20, 2004
A girl who is usually underage but sports all the latest provacative styles and is an easy target to score with.
i cocked that ripper then dropped her off at her house because she had to be home by nine.
by Entoxica February 25, 2004
Rapist and murderer of women from a particular region.
The Yorkshire Ripper.
by Peter Sutcliffe November 12, 2003