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3 definitions by moodus

Brand name of propranolol hydrochloride, used to lower blood pressure with the aim of reducing the risk of recurring heart attacks.
<ripper> I just ate about 160mg inderal
by moodus March 03, 2005
IRC handle of a young fella called Brandon Vedas. He killed himself while online and visible by webcam by taking (according to him) methadone, klonopin, resotril, inderal and alcohol (among other things). One less muppet on the internet. syn idiot
<ripper> I told u I was hardcore
by moodus March 03, 2005
The toilet, when vomiting. Known as such due to the noises coming from the bathroom. That, and having your flatmates asking you "how's God?" the next morning.
"aw God!"
by moodus March 13, 2005