A boyfriend that all of your friends hate.
"When you show him to your mates, he's gonna turn into a ripper. No doubt about it."
by *CookieMonster* December 16, 2013
a person who is in haste or desperate to Post R.I.P on facebook or twitter about any celebrity who is in seriously ill and morbid condition, and mistakenly posts R.I.P about that person before he dies.
some of the Ripper tweeple tweeted R.I.P to Dara Singh , while he was merely hospitalized
by Vickas Gupta July 10, 2012
deep fried hot dogs, cooked until they rip open.
me and andy ate two packs of rippers last night.
by cyko420 January 20, 2010
A female who has sex with alot of men. Usually a well known hoe amongst male friends or males in the neighborhood. Also similar along the lines of a Bopper. Term originated from the Bay Area. The short term for ripper is Rip.
A Cuz dont trust that girl she aint nothing but a ripper.
by TEQ209 January 21, 2009
a huge line of cocaine
I was hanging with my boys and did a big ripper
by 5-poppin November 16, 2010
Bong hits.
Dude, let's head over to Dank Bill's house and pull some rippers.
by wook1700 November 24, 2009
Urban term for slut i.e. a female(usually a ho) who is very promiscuous. A girl who is easy or a "sure thing".

slut tramp headhunter track star beezy
"Daaammmnnn!! That Mika be a smooth ripper!"

"Me and my lil crew...shit...we just posted here. You grimey,dawg.That Mika bitch hollar at you? She a broke-ass ripper!"
by HosMan June 05, 2009

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