when someone rips the shit out of you
Hasthin: alrite basic !!!
Jordan: fuck this ripper
by basic jayman January 28, 2010
An unpopular online fraudster who operates in the Internet Black Market. A ripper revokes agreements to provide cash for stolen data or simply keeps the data without paying the provider.
Fraudster: Rippers are an insult to the fraud community!
by icywithmylittleeye July 14, 2008
A PT-tear is when after a person goes does on a girl, their lingual frenulum (a part of the tongue, beneath the tongue that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth) is torn either a little or a lot because of the participant's enthusiasm
Dude, how did you tear your tongue?" "Last night, I got a Ripper doing Rachel last night!!
by MeatMonstert246 December 06, 2010
Ripper is a interseption when you play football. Created by Mike Rodak who is a Strongsville football coach.
Ripper is when the QB throws a bad pass in the game of football and the deffensive team catches the ball
by Preston Hawk January 04, 2007
Prison slang for a child molester. see also Skinner
The new inmate is a fuckin ripper, lets give him a blanket party tonight.
by Otsego April 10, 2008
Canadian for sex...
common hockey term. Also can be used in different tenses.
Steve: Dude, you go bang that girl last night.
Tom: Yea I ripped it.
Steve: I need to ripper soon.
by TheeOriginalMenuaire May 03, 2009
Someone sick at skateboarding. Especially knarly pool skating and crazy huge shit where most others are fearful.
He frontslide slashed 8 tiles, hes a ripper.
by viciousk April 15, 2008

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