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A Ripken is a Blumpkin, getting a blowjob while taking a shit, followed by a Rimjob, where your butthole gets licked out. Make sure that the Rimjob came after the Blumpkin. Otherwise it's not a true Ripken.

This move was in fact invented by baseball player Cal Ripken.
Dude I totally got a Ripken from this chick last night, it was intense and she even cleaned up.

TALT Trip 2 traded Ripkens all night during their group solo!
by Trip two July 29, 2011
4 1
A kickass high school teacher. Also very sarcastic...and sometimes says things that completely embarrass himself.
Man, Ripkens is a kickass teacher.
by somethingfunny. September 19, 2008
3 1
1.A guy with strong arms and is usually really muscular without using steroids
2.A really hard slap in the face for being perverted.
3.A sporty person who is like a brother to me and desired by all girls.
1.Brianna-Ehmagawsh, that guy is such a ripken!
Megan-Do you think it's steriods?
Brianna-No way, he's totally a real ripken!
2.Timmy-Nice pair you got there.
Lisa-Shut up. im soo gonna give you a ripken!
3.Mandi-Look at Ripken! I so heart him!
by MassieGurl19 May 20, 2008
4 2