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A Ripken is a Blumpkin, getting a blowjob while taking a shit, followed by a Rimjob, where your butthole gets licked out. Make sure that the Rimjob came after the Blumpkin. Otherwise it's not a true Ripken.

This move was in fact invented by baseball player Cal Ripken.
Dude I totally got a Ripken from this chick last night, it was intense and she even cleaned up.

TALT Trip 2 traded Ripkens all night during their group solo!
by Trip two July 29, 2011
A kickass high school teacher. Also very sarcastic...and sometimes says things that completely embarrass himself.
Man, Ripkens is a kickass teacher.
by somethingfunny. September 19, 2008
1.A guy with strong arms and is usually really muscular without using steroids
2.A really hard slap in the face for being perverted.
3.A sporty person who is like a brother to me and desired by all girls.
1.Brianna-Ehmagawsh, that guy is such a ripken!
Megan-Do you think it's steriods?
Brianna-No way, he's totally a real ripken!
2.Timmy-Nice pair you got there.
Lisa-Shut up. im soo gonna give you a ripken!
3.Mandi-Look at Ripken! I so heart him!
by MassieGurl19 May 20, 2008

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