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A super shredded calf muscle, usually owned by a triathlete or other bad ass athlete.
Adam: Man my legs are tired after that 50 mile bike ride!

Dave: Yeah I have to put Calf Ripken Jr on the 15 day DL.
by Mediumdave22 February 02, 2011
A massage parlor, usually located in a strip mall, where the phrase "you want to turn over?" means it's time for "happy ending".
TJ just got back from the whack shack, those Asian girls gave him the 3 finger special.
by Mediumdave22 February 02, 2011
When you are considerate enough to use air freshener and/or fart fan after dropping massive duece in office or home setting.
Man, at least Dave was conshitterate after that ginormous dump he took by using the air freshener.
by mediumdave22 February 18, 2011
A Caucasian wide receiver in football, usually lacking either speed, physical prowess, or any athleticism whatsoever. However, he always catches the ball and is usually the most consistent player on the offense.
Wes Welker has really stepped his game up since going to New England! He is the best white receiver in the game; he is always white open too!
by Mediumdave22 March 08, 2011
The status of a "white receiver" who is often left uncovered by the opposing defense due to his lack of game breaking speed or athleticism; however it can backfire as the "white receiver" seldom drops the ball and is very clutch
They should throw the ball to Johnny more, he is always white open!
by Mediumdave22 March 08, 2011
A Caucasian Tight End in football, goes against the stereotype of "White Receiver" since he is usually somewhat athletic and fast.
Tony Gonzalez is the best White End in the league, oh wait he is Hispanic. Dallas Clark is the best White End...
by Mediumdave22 March 24, 2011
A dog or cat who is a little bit "slow", distracted, or socially awkward.
"Your dog seems a little off today, he is trying to drink out of the toilet even though the lid is down!"

Naw... he is just a little pawtistic sometimes, he will snap out of it if you offer him a treat!
by Mediumdave22 March 08, 2011
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