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Untouchable by man; above all; the second comming; the cause of envy; gods gift to woman; walks on water; the one; all powerful; feared
Wow he is so Riffic, i wish i was him!

See Also wordRoss Atwood/word
by Ashely April 07, 2003
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"riffic was the worst ik ever"
by lol September 07, 2003
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A cool, chic way of stating the word "terrific." The slang term for the somewhat out-dated term "terrific."
Kappel: Hey Mish did you enjoy the movie?
Mish: It was riffic! I loved it. Did you Kappel?
Kappel: Yes! I reciprocate your affirmation that it was riffic!
by Mishamishamisha June 25, 2005
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