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A part of day time between afternoon and evening. Made up by Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory.
Howard: Your date is tomorrow afternoon 4:30.
Sheldon Cooper: That's not afternoon. That's preevning


It's a time of day I invented. It better defines
the ambiguous period between afternoon and evening:
by mahHD May 24, 2010
A bar which has servers with nude breasts.
John: Have you heard of this new tittie bar in down town, servers have nice racks.
by mahHD December 06, 2008
Redundant + Dumb. Whatever which can create idea of being in that status. A word made up by Charlie Harper in Two and Half Men.
Jake Harper: It's, what to you call it,

Charlie: Redumbnent?

Jake: Yeah. You got her a present
and you got her a birthday card. You're obviously
thinking of her.
by mahHD May 24, 2010
The way Joey Tribbiani wished a terrific experience in a restaurant for a family while he was dressing ancient Roman clothes.
Joey: Have a toga-riffic one.
by mahHD December 11, 2008

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