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A old term that means cool.
Thats the Bee's Knees
by SlangMonkey February 23, 2004
something that is cool by negro terms.
She is negro-riffic!
by Slangmonkey January 15, 2004
The number of 4356
Yea..yea.....y-yeah. Uh, the length of cheese is important to your health.
by SlangMonkey February 23, 2004
A pimp wanna-be, spends time writing things to urban dictionary.
see zach
Slang Monkey! do do doo!
(little jig.)
by slangmonkey January 23, 2004
A hip, groovy, far-out, rectangular Chinapanese card game/slash enslaving innocent animals in tiny containers/feasting upon the souls of the damned.
Yugimon, gotta catch 'em all. (singing bit)
by SlangMonkey February 24, 2004
a very vague insult, mostly to mexicans. I don't know why, but it is.
your stupid! No, your stupid! Oh yeah, well yur a towel! No, yur a towel!
by slangmonkey January 23, 2004

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