When something is really really cool means it is raven.
Dude, that shirt is so raven.
by Ralph Hale March 25, 2005
Top Definition
The girl from Teen Titans who doesn't wear pants.
Anyone got some Raven hentai?
by Raptor December 04, 2003
n. In reference to the Baltimore Ravens, the Maryland State Correctional System work release program.
The Ravens shipped Jamal "Jail-mal" Lewis to the Cleveland Browns.
by Dan Weyandt September 01, 2009
Raven is usually a girl who is very flirty. When she partys she'll party hard. She is outgoing and athletic. Ask her for something and she'll rarely turn you down. She is beautiful and spontaneous. She has a really good sense of humor. Ravens are amazing. If you the chance to meet one you will be very lucky. Raven's are sexy and mysterious girls. Dont underestimate them. They are competitive and creative. They arent very smart but when u explain something they will catch on... Eventually. They are bitches and they are independant. They stand up for themselves and dont let people push them around.
Guy 1: Damn that girl is such a Raven

Guy 2: Aww man I know.
by fiissshyyyymaaannnn December 05, 2010
1. The bringer of magic
2. The messenger of the underworld--in Celtic mythologies they are said to carry messages to and from the queen of the underworld (not Hell, but the realm spirits go to after death).
3. Many Native American legends tell stories of how the Raven. Once a white bird, but due tothe invading caucasian men lost its consort the white buffalo and no longer had a clean perch when it grew tired. It had to land in the mud and to punish the men who had destroyed the sacred buffalo, the raven remained blackened from the dark mud. Another story tells of raven the light bringer: a wicked king stole the sun and hid it away, but the king had a daughter. So, the raven being cunning, watched the daughter go for a drink at the stream where it turned itself into a tiny twig in the water and was swallowed by the girl. When inside her, it became a growing child and in nine months she delivered a raven the looked like a baby. The king liked the baby so much that he let the baby play with the sun, and as soon as the raven had the ball of light, it turned back into a bird and flew away, returning the sun to the sky.
A raven took to the sky, carrying the soul of a person recently dead and brought him to the entrance of the underworld, nudging him forward to meet the queen.
a young lady who is very amazing. she is also usually very beautiful and funny.can make anyone laugh!
*fine girl walks by smiling*
Jared: damn, is she a Raven or what?
Markus: mmhmm...she sure is!
by RaveyBaby May 31, 2008
a sexy and misunderstood character from teen titans.
I love Raven and her pale skin.
by Lord lotion boy August 25, 2005
The Baltimore Ravens, professional football team and one of four teams in the Northern Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL). The Ravens play at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland, and wear uniforms of purple, black, white, and gold.

After the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984, Baltimore was without a professional football team for 12 years. After being passed up by the NFL for an expansion team in favor of Jacksonville and Carolina, Baltimore took matters into its own hands and had the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996. The name was changed to the Ravens after the famous poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, who lived in Baltimore. Since then they have gone on to compile an incredible defense and win Super Bowl XXXV in 2000.
I think the Ravens could win the Super Bowl again this year.
by Gringo161 January 01, 2005
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