a very sexy goth/punk girl
Damn, that girl is so Raven.

I would kill to do Raven.
by xSlayerx June 05, 2004
The mysterious and dark character from Teen Titans.She's cool.
"A giant chicken.."
by Raveness October 10, 2003
The name given to large black birds, who look similar to crows but are larger and more solitary. Corvus Corax. Often associated with healing, magic, successful hunting, death, and mischief. Considered to be messengers between the living and the other world. Honored by almost all human societies. Ravens are considered among the most intelligent of all birds; they can learn to imitate a variety of sounds, including the human voice. Ravens are scavengers and will eat just about anything that is dead; but they will also hunt for mice, lizards, small birds, snakes, insects, and berries.

They are mentioned in many mythologies, both in North America and in Europe. Among the Native Americans, Raven is a creator and trickster god. In Norse mythology, Odin’s two Ravens Thought and Memory are divine spies so to speak. They are mentioned in many poems and novels, perhaps the most famous is Edgar Allan Poe’s Nevermore.
Ravens are amazingly beautiful and graceful flyers, maneuvering effortlessly in the sky, whirling and twirling and gliding through the air, riding updrafts with ease.

"Though the birds have a wide variety of sounds and calls they may not be willing to divulge their secrets to us." Quote the raven? Aaarrck!
by OneBadAsp October 26, 2006
a raven is a girl that makes you smile even wen your fighitng its the girl who will start a figh finish it then blame you for starting it its a girl with long pretty blond hair and changin eyes like her moods its a girl that ur always happy to see even on your sadest days its a girl uill see in crowd for the first time and try and folow after her but end up just missing her and she hits the door and u run to the top of a nearby parking structure to see if she had walked there so you could run down and bump into her its a girl that you fall in love with at your back door late one night loookig in her eyes as you say goodbye its a girl that after day and day and fight and fight you keep going back to its a girl thats your everything itsa girl u dont mind yelling you love out to the world its a girl that is just perfict
shes my raven
by torch1856 July 24, 2009
*A bird that resembles a crow, but with a slightly-bigger body and slightly-longer beak.

*Said to be the act of sucking your own dick.

*A wrestler spanning ECW, WCW, WWE, and now NWA-TNA.

*A character on Twisted Metal Black.

*One of the main characters of Teen Titans.
"I like Raven from Teen Titans; she's hot. ^_^ "
by Dave February 24, 2004
Hott / sexy girl with the dark hair and dark eyes who comes off to be older than she really is , or somewhat diffrent , and whimp .......has beautiful heart and loves many , cant loose true friend , opens up to few , dont mess with her emotions her mystery can become fatal for you .........
Damn raven looks sexy tonight !
by Dawn growder October 05, 2010
1:A large, glossy black bird with black/violet feathers of the Corvidae family of birds, consisting of birds such as Magpies, Blue Jays, and Crows. Ravens are much like large crows with boxy tail feathers A signature of the raven, a long, thick beak, and a wingspan sometimes reaching nearly six feet. The Raven has a much deeper call than the crow, with a croak rather than a caw.
2: The famous bird from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"
3: An animal frequent in many mythologies. In Norse Mythology That of the Vikings/Scandinavians Odin, the All-Father God, has two Ravens named Huginn and Muninn Thought and Memory that travel to Midgard -- the world of Men -- and report the happenings back to him.
With a screeching croak and a flash of it's mystic deep purple feathers, the raven soared from the tree tops to Odin's arm in Asgard.
by White Raven [Hvitir Hrafnar] July 20, 2005

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