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A college that is 20 times better than thoes bastards in Ohio.
If OSU was attacked by terrorists, killing every student there I would laugh.

U of M wins over OSU- 57
U of M losses to OSU- 37
by Linux System Message November 13, 2004
Any area in the US where the word "Y'all" is used by anyone.
If your an Atheist don't move to the south, they hate us here.
by Linux System Message April 14, 2004
A name from one of the prank phone calls that Bart does to Moe on the Simpsons. It is used in season 2, episode 7F15, Principal Charming.
Bart: Hello is Homer there?

Moe: Homer who?

Bart: Homer Sexual.

Moe: Well, one second, let me check. Uhh Homer Sexual. Oh come on, come on, one of you guys has got to be Homer Sexual.

Homer: Ha Ha, don't look at me.

Moe: Oh no, You rotten little punk. If I ever get a hold of you I'll sink my teeth into your cheak and rip your face off.
by Linux System Message April 10, 2004
An awesome team that will make it to a Super Bowl under Manning.
The Colts had the #10 defense in 03', and just to compare NE was #7 and Carolina was #8.
by Linux System Message March 30, 2004
Some punk who people think predicted "powerful visions of the future". All he did was provide vague phrases that could be interpreted in many ways.
Anyone can be like Nostradamus.

-In the year 2078 some stuff will happen and people will think I knew it.
by Linux System Message March 29, 2004
Excalibur was given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake AFTER he had already become King of Brittan by taking the sword from the stone and anvil outside of the church in London.
Excalibur was given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake along with a magic scabbard which provented him from ever loosing blood
by Linux System Message October 17, 2004
An abnormal and persistent fear of the great mole rat.
by Linux System Message March 19, 2004

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