a really cool bird that feeds off the flesh of the dead. The cawing sounds it makes can be heard for miles around.
Ravens are also the smartest birds in the world.
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
Raven is usually a very shy girl. When she partys she'll party hard and she is very beautiful and outgoing and loves to be around people. They are very mean but if you have their backs they have your back too they'll also tell you how they feel about you in a second. If you piss them off they'll act rude towards you. They're very outgoing but also annoyed easily. They're very sexy, creative and smart. But are total bitches and they don't take bullshit from anybody but don't underest them they're smarter than you think and are very annoying.
Guy 1: omg look at Raven she's beautiful

Guy 2: Yeah man... I know
by Wookana February 19, 2015
A 36 DD, long brunette haired woman that is so sexually attractive she gives men an erection by just standing around them.
*A very big breasted woman walks by.*

by Aye, I'm Dani. December 09, 2009
A medium sized black bird resembling a crow. They can learn to talk, and their favorite word is "Nevermore".
"Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'."
The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe
by Jinx the Shadow December 15, 2013
a hot guy who is badass, skates, and probably is in a skate krew. he is generally funny, and super sexy. Above average dick (:
Holy cunt! Look at Raven! He is getting a blowjob!
by blackmalehater November 07, 2010
A Raven is a guy who never gives up. He represents respect, loyalty and honor. He is a man of great importance who stands up for what he believes in. He is greatly respected by both his enemies and allies.
"He'll never sell out bro, dudes a Raven"
by Ja-MaLL! January 04, 2009
The name of this black bird stands for an imposible or lost lover, and it tends to return in very innapropiate times to devour the carcasses of the man they have screwed. Nothing but a shadow from the past, but capable of drive sensitive souls to madness. Not every woman has the hability to become a raven. Just the Ones. (also another way to call them..) It cames from the poem "the Raven" by Edgar Alan Poe.
Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
by BLZ s.o.m.a November 17, 2006

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