A word used to describe someone who acts strangely or out of the ordinary.
The word 'rare' comes from the phrase 'a rare species'.
It originates from Shiplake College.
Shiplake student: Hey, look at that kid laughing to himself and skipping.
Shiplake teacher: Wow, what a fucking rare.
by B-Franco April 13, 2015
1. (Adjective) Hard to find, usually an object.

2. (Noun) A video game company who published the famous Donkey Kong 64.
1. Since they stopped making them, those cars are considered rare.

2. "I want to work for Rare."
by DuskWind05 April 29, 2010
verb: indicating the high quality of something, taken from the E-bay description used on many products.
Did you see that car? That's rare, that is.
by Bryan Oryan March 11, 2007
rare, adj.
That embarrasses and evokes pity or shame in others; lacks self awareness; constitutes a faux pas.
Don't be so rare.
by helium_raven June 04, 2004
Unprotected sex. Seldom used but made famous by rapper Lil' Wayne
i can hit it rare but that means raw that means jaw
Lil' Wayne- You Nasty
One who lacks inhibitions, usually drunk and carefree, mostly used when relating to alcohol consumption
He drank the whole bottle in 5 minutes, what a rare c**t!
by sorare March 27, 2005
rare is a common word with somewhat of a new definition. If something is 'rare', it means it happens all the time. It's now used sarcastically.
<manwhore of the school> wow i totally fucked 10 girls last weekend

<friend> wow..........rare
by Josh X12 June 15, 2009
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