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Rad Harmony is a Blissful Mind Set that you can Control! It's about destroying the Never-Groovy, and letting your Gnarly Shine! It is the essence of everything Epic!

1. Rad Harmony is a Mood.
2. Relaxation feels like Rad Harmony.
3. Calmness is an Effect of Rad Harmony.
4. Peace is Rad Harmony.
Listen here Usta-Groover, your lame cannot effect my Rad Harmony!

There is no way anyone can FUCK Up my Rad Harmony!

When becoming One with the Rad Harmony! Never forget that your Gnarly is Showing, and it is Quite Contagious! If you see any Usta-Groover, Never-Cooler, Sorta-Lamer, or any Non-Rightious Moments Cough on them. And Revive their Jive. I have said it before and I will say it again, Never let your Gnarly Fade!

-this Definition was brought to you by Ryan Martinez for President!
by Don_Mayhem January 22, 2010
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