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Someone that lost their Gnarly. They might at one point in their Life been Groovy, but now they pretty much just keep it Lame! Also they are contagious, Hanging Out with them SUCKS!"
Usta-Groover - "Hey Man why you having Fun?"

Rad Person - "Dude, we are at a Strip Club?"

Usta-Groover - "I can't remember how to Gnarly! Beer makes me Sick! And my Wife says I shouldn't be here!"

Rad Person - "I am sorry I couldn't here you I was looking at Boobies!"
#not cool #married #old person #lamer #third wheel
by Don_Mayhem January 22, 2010
Rad Harmony is a Blissful Mind Set that you can Control! It's about destroying the Never-Groovy, and letting your Gnarly Shine! It is the essence of everything Epic!

1. Rad Harmony is a Mood.
2. Relaxation feels like Rad Harmony.
3. Calmness is an Effect of Rad Harmony.
4. Peace is Rad Harmony.
Listen here Usta-Groover, your lame cannot effect my Rad Harmony!

There is no way anyone can FUCK Up my Rad Harmony!

When becoming One with the Rad Harmony! Never forget that your Gnarly is Showing, and it is Quite Contagious! If you see any Usta-Groover, Never-Cooler, Sorta-Lamer, or any Non-Rightious Moments Cough on them. And Revive their Jive. I have said it before and I will say it again, Never let your Gnarly Fade!

-this Definition was brought to you by Ryan Martinez for President!
#mood #relaxation #calmness #peace #glory
by Don_Mayhem January 22, 2010
1. Two words defining an Epic Drinking Partner; Female Person who seems to get more and more mischievous as the night goes on; Someone that Hides the Beer; a Drunk Female whose intention is to cause trouble.

2. A female's alter ego that spends the week passed out in the mind of a crazy woman, waiting for the weekend to emotionally punish the World.
"Michell is a Devious Drunkster"

"Devious Drunkster, what happened to all the Beer?"

"I am not Hung Over. I am just suffering the after effects of getting emotionally punished by the Devious Drunkster."
#drunk chick #michell walters #trouble #drinking buddy #alcoholic
by Don_Mayhem January 23, 2010
Your Favorite Female Buddy; an Amazing Female Friend; Your She-Partner in Crime; Your Wing Woman:

1. She is considered your #1 She-Buddy, Trusted as your Wing Woman.

2. A Girl that is a Buddy, and Likes chicks just as much as you do.

3. A Sassy Ohio Native that moved to Utah in the search of Lesbian Love!
"You show up home to find 2 Women in your Bed, all you can think is my buddy Bro-dette must have left me some gifts."

"Bro-dette is the Master of the Clam!"

"If Bro-dette was a Dinosaur, she would be named Lick-a-Lot-ta-Puss."

"Bro-dette is the Light in my Darkness."

"You Sex Chicks, Bro-dette Bangs Chicks."
#buddyroo #bro-dezzy #casey #homie #wing woman
by Don_Mayhem January 22, 2010
Noun, Slang Highly appealing or interesting; attractive; Sexy Single Straight Male from Salt Lake City, Utah:

1.A person from Salt Lake City, Utah who is widely acknowledged to have sex appeal, the meaning of Yummy, a Man whose Macho is Gnarly!
2. A Man dedicated to supporting Single Mothers by Donating to Strip Clubs, and Finding the Cure for Breast Cancer.
3. A SL,UTty Martinez refers to a Salt Lake City, Utah association of Sexy, Slutty, Beer Drinkers.
"That guy over there is Such a Slutty Martinez!"

Boy tells Girl, "I am In Like with You"
Girl tells Boy, "I Love You"
Boy feels trapped and can't breathe and says "I am Sorry Hun, I am a Slutty Martinez, I have to Run"

"Women might be able to Fake Orgasms, but a Slutty Martinez can fake a Whole Relationship"
#sexy #ryan martinez #brandon martinez #he-candy #chovanist
by Don_Mayhem January 22, 2010
A Sexy Female that tricks guys into In Likeness, with aggressive yet openly welcomed Sexual Attempts; An attractive Other-Gender that will Chew you up and Spit you out;
I am in Fear, this She-Devil is going to destroy my Rad Harmony. Leaving me vulnerable to words such as Love, In Like, or even worse "Can you help me with the Dishes?"

"That She-Devil sure knows how to work a Pole!"
#sexy lady #hottie #women #she devil #maneater
by Don_Mayhem January 25, 2010
In Likeness is a blissful mind set of companionship without having to be with someone; that state of relaxation you feel after sex with a Random Person; Feeling Horny; the go to word in a Male whores vocabulary
"Oh, Man I am In Likeness with a Stripper again."

Hottie says "I think I am in Love with you"
Slutty Martinez says "That is Nice, but why ruin our In Likeness?"
#horny #love #in like #pick up line #a lie
by Don_Mayhem January 25, 2010
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