When a minority in America (and more recently, Caucasians) try to call foul on a situation that is detrimental to them and say the situation is racially discriminatory. Now, whether it is or not is irrelevant, as such stories are taken as gospel.
Because the black woman didn't win in "The Apprentice", she pulled the race card.

Miguel had the lowest work rating in the company, took 5 personal days in a row and came into work drunk. He was fired, but because he went to the ACLU and pulled the race card, he has his job back.
by D. Arse August 23, 2004
An instant win if your loosing a fight with a white guy, white people don't get the race card only get persecuted by it, its used to slingshot you form the back to the front weather the win is deserved or not(more often not)
Race card user:Don't vote for me your racist
by GW_Watchman October 31, 2009
When a person that isn't white uses their ethnicity as an advantage in the workplace (i.e., getting hired or promotions)
The boss at MegaCorp hired LaTon instead of Mike. Mile had the better résumé, but he was white. LaTon used the "Race Card" during his interview as an unfair advantage.
by TheTwoCentHo December 22, 2009
What some liberals and minorities pull when losing an argument.

For the conservative version, see Personal responsibility card.
"race card"
Both sides need to focus less on cheap tactics and more on earnest dialogue, in my opinion.
by Submitter of Words June 20, 2011
Used by minorities to get what they want even if they did something totally fucked up. However, since our president is now black, the race card is soon to be maxed out.
When Jason got the promotion over his black friend Tyrone because Tyrone would come into work drunk and never did anything, he pulled the race card and is now top-dog
by EmoJesusWins November 03, 2010
Something someone says to get attention and win an argument they know they can't win.
You fired me because I'm Hispanic. Don't pull the race card, I'm firing you because you a 28 year-old human male have thrown an unauthorized party in the office where the police had to break-up said party.

You fired me because I'm White. Don't pull the race card, you defrauded the company and embezzled.

You fired me because I'm Black. No, please no more race cards, I simply fired you because your friend borrowed your company car without authorization from me and he totaled it. It's either I fire you, you work for free, or you quit and get sued.
by railerswim August 20, 2014
Something a liberal pulls out when they are losing an argument, even though the "aggressor" isn't racist. The ironic part is that Democrats opposed giving blacks freedom yet are constantly calling Republicans racist.
Georgie Porgie Busshh: This African-American man tried to mug me yesterday. I ran away as I had no weapons on me.

Later...on 123 News
Anchorman: Looks like Bal Barpton has pulled the race card again.
by yoloswagmlg December 01, 2014
It refers to someone exploiting prejudice against another race for political or some other advantage.
The use of the southern strategy by Republican political candidates is said by some to be a version of playing the race card, such as when former Senator Jesse Helms, during his 1990 North Carolina Senate campaign, ran an ad showing a black man taking a white man's job, intended as a criticism of the idea of racial quotas. The ad was interpreted by many people as trying to play to racist fears among white voters.
by morphious June 05, 2013

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