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Contrary to popular belief, "black" is NOT an ethnic minority. As it stands, the "white" race is globally one of the smallest populations, mainly due to the fact the Caucasian genotype is recessive (meaning both parents must be white in order for the child to white; any deviation from this will result in a child of another race). At the moment, whites account for 7% of the world population and every day that percentage falls a little due to interacial couplings. The reason no one seems to know or care about this? Reverse racism. These days, "anti-racism" almost always means "anti-white", which is wrong, as that itself is the epitome of racism.
employer: sorry, i can't employ you, i've got an ethnic minority quota to meet.
employee: hey hey hey, hang on. i'm white, ergo THE ethnic minority *grin*
by jrrjrrjrrjrr April 20, 2008