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A false claim of racism used in attempt to win a debate/argument or escape punishment. This is generally used by people who have no legitimate argument or excuse for their actions.

Originally used mainly by individual African Americans for personal reasons, the race card is now commonly played by liberals of all races in an attempt to silence anybody who disagrees with them or opposes their agenda. This is similar to how conservatives used the concept of "patriotism" to silence their critics after 9/11.
1.) After the jury was shown irrefutable evidence of his guilt, the defendant played the race card and said that he was only charged because he was black.

2.) After the Republican embarrassed the Democrat in the debate, the Democrat played the race card and claimed that the Republican was biased against blacks because he wanted to reduce spending on welfare.
by ronhollis August 28, 2011
1. See: whack

2. A rapper less intelligible than a toothless junkie on PCP. He may or may not be attempting to speak English, but there's really no way to tell. Known to associate with the slightly more intelligible, but equally whack members of Brick Squad, who probably keep him around because he makes them seem like well-trained linguists by comparison. It is unknown whether his speech impediments and short stature are a result of being a crack baby, recieving severe head injuries or simply due to the excessive quantity of narcotics he has consumed over the course of his life.
Some of the unintelligible noises that OJ da Juiceman commonly produces:

OJ da Jewman Cuh! (This is believed to be an attempt to pronounce his own name.)

Aye! (This is believed to be an expression of excitement which commonly occurs after consuming copious amounts of crack cocaine.)

I'm boomin I'm buggin I'm termin all the Baites! (The meaning of this phrase is still being debated. It may refer to severe head injuries that OJ suffered, resulting in his current ailments.)
by ronhollis August 01, 2011

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