It's is a abbreviation for real truth, and is a quick reply to someone who says bs when it is not
George: I saw a dog with pink fur
Sam: bs
George: rt
by James dalad September 21, 2014
RT, or, Random Teabag, its where you see a person and randomly decide to teabag them. (tea bagging being where you pull you ball sack out and drop it on someones face.)
TEA-BAG! TEA-BAG! "hey! get that one!" *pulls over car, pushes the person over, (ker-plunk!)* "BAM! you've just fell victim to an RT! come on guys, lets go before the cops come!"
by ChAz CrOuSe October 25, 2006
A shortening of 'roger that,' usually in a written context.
Guy 1: "hey dude i dont think the party is going to work out for tonight"
Guy 2: "rt"
by javierjabanero July 01, 2015
RT is an abbreviation of Re-Tweet. RT can either be retweeting someone's tweet on twitter or it could be an alternate form of saying same.
Cate: I RTd Alex's tweet it was hilarious
--- OR ---
Julie: I can't wait till Max's party
Matt: RT
by SportySmart June 17, 2015
Real talk!
Nigga for real? Yeah rt
by Yeppp May 26, 2015
A retorical tart, is not only a slut, but a skanky person aswell
yeah shes a retorical slut- we call em R.T
by matty emmo January 24, 2011
The offical Wing Man.
Partying is great, and anoying girls don't matter but because people like Will have an R.T.
by hybrid January 16, 2004

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