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Norwegian curse word. Means the devil.
Faens førrpulte hælvettes førbainna fettes jævelskap!!
by faen sjøl! October 08, 2003
The norwegian word for fuck.
Faen ta været!
Fuck the weather!
by lion3000 April 08, 2007
Faen is derrived from the word "Fanden" directly meaning Devil or The Devil. The word is much more used as a form of expression toward self failiure, than insulting a person.
Faen is emotionaly equivelant tho the english word Fuck when used alone.
"Faen! Jeg er for sein til timen!"

"Fuck! I'm late for class!"
by Mr.K Graham October 15, 2011
The word "Faen" is used as a curse word in norwegian, Faen is a norwegian name for the Devil.
"FAEN IM GETTING FIRED AWWW" "Look up, look down, its Faen!!!!!!!"
by the ULTRA guy September 27, 2005
Similar to the word FAN, however more derived from internet culture.
Hello faen!
by Paul November 15, 2003
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