abv. for rottentomatoes.com
yo, check out this movie on rt!
by franklin$$$$ December 29, 2010
1. Rapers of Tits or Rape Tits.
2. A Xbox 360 Clan RT Bucknuts
3. Rape Tits may be also substituted for "Do Work son" or destroy someone in a video game/sporting event atmosphere.
4. Also known as an act by having sexual intercourse with Boobs.
Bro you wanna R some T's tonight?" "Brrrr! We are truly RT in everything that we do" "RT nigga!"
by RT Bucknut 1 July 09, 2010
short for "rock tit"
that girl had major RT
by Bri July 28, 2004
In gay chat rooms, the term RT means 'real time', as in real time sex. This means that a guy is not simply lookin for a cyber jerk-off session. He wants the full monte.
cumdumpsterNW: hey. you lookin for RT?
BarringtonStud: maybe. stats?
cumdumpsterNW: 23, 5'10, 155, 7" uncut, fit and smooth, power-bottom.
BarringtonStud: you wanna host or travel?
by CapnCrouton May 12, 2004
When used on Dodge vehicles, it stands for Road and Track.
Dodge Charger RT, Dodge Coronet RT
by Streamwalker August 20, 2004
a gay-ass cult some of my friends made up and then try to use for evil to try to get information out of me
you have to tell us your secret, rt rules
by mark January 02, 2005
RT, short for "Russetiden" (The russ period)

The norwegian examination party. The whole party last 17 days, from may 1. to may 17. witch is the norwegian national day.

Russ: The seniors, dress up in red, blue or black and trousers drink themselves shitfaced on "russebusser" trying to execute "russeknuter" for seventeen days straight while still in the middle of the exam period.

Russeknuter (Russ-knots): Spesial tasks the russ can execute in exchange for a "knot" to hang in their examination hat. About one hundred official russeknuter is released for every school each year.

Examples of russeknuter to hang in your hat:
Kongla (The pinecone): Have sex outdoors during RT.
Ølkork (Beer cork): Drink 24 beers within 24 hours.
Champagnekork (A champagne cork): Have safe sex with a representant from the russestyre (The russ parlament)

Every knot needs to have a neutral spotter for them to count.

Russebusser: Busses that groups of russ buy, and spend upwards of $300 000 on to party in during RT. The cost includes paintjobs, speakers, interior and a personal bus driver. Busses from all over the country gater at huge russ parties every weekend in the major cities of Norway during RT.
Gleder meg som faen til RT ass.!(I can´t wait for RT!)
RT var den beste tiden av mitt liv !(RT was the best period of my life!)
by The Legenden June 10, 2016
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