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Gay Male Term. Dominant Bottom. While a bottom is usually submissive to his partner, a power bottom enjoys maintaining control over the top and/or the penetration, the normally dominant role in gay male sex. Power bottoms supposedly have skilled tongues. (They give the best blow jobs fellatio and rim jobs analingus.)
Rob is a skilled power bottom in bed.
by Urban Dictionary July 29, 2004
2733 695
term for a gay man in the receiving role during gay sex who is aggressive and dominant rather than passive and permissive. Can be combined with other definitions.
eg of use in context " that Marco is a verbal, dom, aggro, party boy, power bottom, slut."
by David London October 19, 2007
889 417
An experienced bottom who loves cock so much, he wants to get pounded as roughly & aggressively as possible. The harder the better. He can take it like a champ with no pain. A power bottom doesn't just passively lay there, he pushes back on every thrust from the top. Sometimes he'll do all the work and ride the top like a mechanical bull until they both explode with ecstasy.
"I hooked up with Ricky last night. Dude was wasted, so he just laid there while I did the power bottom thing. I rode him until he busted inside me. It was so hot!!!"
by Daikon Radish June 22, 2012
376 112
A power bottom is a gay male who during anal intercourse truly enjoys being the receptive partner to the point of wanting it more aggressively. Anal intercourse can be painful at times. A power bottom is a man who has learned how to "take it" and feels great pleasure without the pain. When a bottom wants it bad enough it can put him in the aggresive or dominant role in bed.
John is begging for more. Now that's a true power-bottom.
by J the PB November 09, 2007
277 90
A term coined in the gay community to a bottom that takes control in a sexual encounter. A true, devoted, and complete bottom.
James is such a power bottom! He turns other bottoms into tops!
by tk99 May 23, 2006
643 471
gay slang.
Bottom who has sex with many partners in succession, or who has exceptional bottom abilities.
A gay man who frequents bath houses and/or sex clubs and is anal receptive and/or performs oral sex on many men in succession would be considered a powerbottom. Also, one who can handle particularly large cocks, aggressive action, or is particularly talented at such acts.
by PB Brian July 05, 2006
97 103
Power bottoms are most atheists. They don't just love receiving it hard but they have an insatiable lust for it up the ass to the point where they can't take a shit correctly without their whole rectum prolapsing out and hurting them.
Jimmy the gay atheist was a dirty power bottom. He died of anal cancer after taking too many cocks up his ass.
by sdfgh' January 08, 2014
7 34