The offical wingman of any guy in need.
Will: Dude check out that hot chick..
RT: Don't worry, you go get her - I'll stay with her ugly and anoying friend since that's all I can do!
Will: wingmaaaaaaaaaaaan *que coors light commercial*
by hybrid January 16, 2004
'hahaha, you're in the RT group for maths'
A cool indian indian.
RT is the coolest indian I know.
by l2yan April 16, 2006
1. Rapers of Tits or Rape Tits.
2. A Xbox 360 Clan RT Bucknuts
3. Rape Tits may be also substituted for "Do Work son" or destroy someone in a video game/sporting event atmosphere.
4. Also known as an act by having sexual intercourse with Boobs.
Bro you wanna R some T's tonight?" "Brrrr! We are truly RT in everything that we do" "RT nigga!"
by RT Bucknut 1 July 09, 2010
abv. for rottentomatoes.com
yo, check out this movie on rt!
by franklin$$$$ December 29, 2010
short for "rock tit"
that girl had major RT
by Bri July 28, 2004
In gay chat rooms, the term RT means 'real time', as in real time sex. This means that a guy is not simply lookin for a cyber jerk-off session. He wants the full monte.
cumdumpsterNW: hey. you lookin for RT?
BarringtonStud: maybe. stats?
cumdumpsterNW: 23, 5'10, 155, 7" uncut, fit and smooth, power-bottom.
BarringtonStud: you wanna host or travel?
by CapnCrouton May 12, 2004

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